Value of Provided Services

Small Business and Economically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

Most businesses are forced to close their doors within three to five years of their marketplace entry. The reason is not their lack of ability but their failure to create an infrastructure to deal with the risks associated with their business.

And the liabilities acquired continue for years, often falling to owners, Board members, and investors to satisfy even after the business has closed its doors.

Addressing operational risks is imperative for any business. For businesses with a public footprint, who work with hazardous material, or have mobile employees, addressing operational risks, are as important as your ability to perform the offered services.

It is not what your business earns; it is what it keeps. Without an ongoing operational risk policy, the money you earn today may be owed to others in the future.

Liability Program Management

We provide services to address and minimize operational risk. The services are provided at a substantial cost reduction to the engagement of a full-time employee for similar services, and with a significant decrease of the potential economical consequence of manifested operational risk.

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