Liability Program Management (LPM) Attributes

The engagement of LPM includes an exposure analysis for your business niche and the implementation of our risk management documentation program. Our program consists of the following:

Safety Manual - Construction

  • Certification of Safety Program
  • Safety Manual to Cal OSHA standard
  • Hazardous Material Program and Accounting
  • Heat Illness and Prevention Program
  • Tail Gate Program Outlines
  • Create, Monitor, and Apply Job Descriptions
  • Mobile/Non-Mobile Equipment Certification
  • Injury Illness Prevention Program/Specific Site (IIPP)
  • Human Resources Assistance

    • Employee Manual
    • Assistance with implementing HR policy for ADA, Sexual Harassment, FEHA, and Wage and Hour policies.
    • Employee Counseling and Termination.
    • Foreman, Supervisor Training
    • Yearly Poster Maintenance (federal, State, County)

    Insurance Policy Review

  • Workers Compensation – Safety Credit
    • EMR Reduction Strategy
    • Tort Lien Recovery
  • General Liability
    • Review of Endorsements
    • Assist with Handling of Liability Claims
  • EPL Review of Endorsements
    • Assist with Evaluating, Handling, and Resolving Employee Claims (including PAGA and Wage & Hour)